SANDOWN GROUP LIMITED Watch this space! Website under development. Please note that we (Sandown Group Limited) are in no way affilliated or associated, or wish to be associated with: The Sandown Group Mercedes Benz Dealers Sandown Motors Limited - a subsidiary of Selnac Holdings Ltd (Cyprus) Jacksons Investments Limited  Sandown Dorset And Wiltshire Limited  Sandown Surrey And Hampshire Limited  The Hampshire Motor Investment Company Limited Selanac Holdings Ltd (Cyprus) - Part owners Osiris International Trustees Limited - British Virgin Islands - The ultimate owner -”Parent undertaking” Or ANY subsidiary company of the above listed companies. Our mission is to tell the absolute truth about “The Sandown Experience”, no more, no less. This is based on my business experiences with “The Sandown Group” since its creation in the United Kingdom. If in the words of Sandown Motors Limited “Mercedes-Benz - The Best or Nothing” Then chose nothing! (An opinion, no more no less.) The phrase would better read “Mercedes-Benz The Best of Nothing”